7 DIY Items You Can Make with Used Corks

DIY Wine Cork Projects

Up Cycle Your Used Wine Corks into Vintage Home Accessories and Gifts

Whether you love wine and have an unusually large collection of wine corks, or if you just want to try some artistic DIY projects, here we find the top 7 ways to turn corks into useful, unique crafts.

  • Place Card Holder- If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and rustic charm to your tabletop at an event, simply take the cork lengthways and slit it about ¾ of the way down with a utility knife. This will leave enough room to pop the name card in!
  • Coaster- Hot glue gun around 19 corks together to create a circle. Once the glue dries and the corks become set in a circle, choose your favorite ribbon or some burlap to wrap around the edge. These coasters are perfect at protecting your tables alongside being creatively unique!
  • Bathmat- Go one step further than the coaster, create a bath mat in the same way. Hot glue gun around 175 wine corks in a rectangular shape. You can use a shelf liner for the bottom of the bathmat so that it will not slip.
  • Keychain- A simple keychain with the look of vintage charm. This can be created by collecting keychain rings and winding a screw eye on each ring. With the screw eye attached to the keychain, screw the other end into the cork so that it is secure. These make great gifts and favors!
  • Stamp- This is a fantastic idea if you are particularly artistic! Start by drawing your desired stamp on the flat top of the cork. Then, take a utility knife and cut around your drawing, leaving half of the cork intact. Now you will have your drawing popping out of half of the cork. Simply dip your design in ink and test out on paper! Now you have a homemade stamp!

All of us at the Ventura County Winery Association, hope you enjoy making these charming accessories from corks!

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