Helpful Wine Tasting for Beginners Tips & Guidelines

Helpful Wine Tasting for Beginners Tips & GuidelinesConquering Your First Wine Tasting

It is common knowledge that a love for wine is an acquired taste, but wine tasting surely pushes you towards appreciating the complexities of the world’s favorite beverage. If you have never gone wine tasting before and are feeling nervous, allow these helpful guiding points for wine tasting for beginners to assist:

  • The key to wine tasting is having a good wine sniff. This will allow you to isolate flavors and notice their interactions. With experience and time, you will learn the proper language to describe how wine flavors unfold and interact.
  • When wine tasting, it is important that you are focused. You cannot sip a glass and then describe it after a couple conversations. Rather, take a moment to halt all communication, isolate yourself from distractions, and appreciate the wine’s scent, appearance, flavors, and finish.
  • During your first wine tasting, it is recommended that you take notes. You will soon realize that your palette prefers certain flavors over others, which will guide you in deciding which wines you prefer.
  • As you taste, you will likely start with the lightest colored and lightest bodied wines and make your way up the ladder. Many wine tasting beginners find that they prefer sweeter wines at the start as they gradually make their way towards bolder, heavier wines.
  • When wine tasting at a local winery, you will have the luxury of a wine enthusiast “tour” guide to help you through this process. They will explain to you the proper glassware, temperature storage for each unique wine, and how to properly preserve different types of wine. It is highly recommended that you listen closely to these guidelines as they are experienced and will be able to give you as little or as much knowledge as you are seeking.

Contact the Ventura County Winery Association to schedule a wine tour to go wine tasting at one of our local wineries in Ventura County. We would be more than honored to help you choose the right winery to experience your first wine tasting!

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