Rancho Ventavo Cellars


In 1995 Faye and I joined a local wine club called WINO (Wine Investigator Novices and Oenophiles) and became interested in wine. After a few years of sampling wine and going on numerous wine trips across California and around the world we saw the promise of making wines.

In 1998 a friend of ours, Peter Nelson, asked if we would like to make wine with him. We said sure, why not. Well … that was the beginning of the end for us. We were hooked. Our first year as home winemakers we made 2 barrels of wine, the second year our home winemaking partnership grew to 3 as another friend, Jim Knutson, joined us. Our home winemaking became more intense and we increased the varietals and quantities we made.  Along the way we perfected the intricacies that accompanied exceptional wine making and began receiving numerous “home winemaking” awards.

In early 2005 Faye decided I needed a third job, that my time wasn’t being completely used all 24 hours of the day – between my full time day job and working our 40 acre avocado & lemon ranch. So, during and shortly after a trip to the Russian River area we made the decision to turn our passion for wine making into a commercial endeavor. The agreement was … I’d make it, she’d sell it.  Since we had always called our ranch “Rancho Ventavo” as we are a avocado and lemon ranch located on Ventavo Drive, we thought it only fitting to call our winery “Rancho Ventavo Cellars”.


Tasting Room
741 S. A St.
Oxnard, CA 93030

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