Red Wine Could Be Beneficial To Your Health

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Red wine may have a few heart health benefits.

February is American Heart Month! While too much alcohol is bad for your heart, a little red wine could be beneficial. Many studies boast about the benefits of red wine to heart health. Although studies are still in the works, they’ve claimed that a glass of red wine every so often can help provide antioxidants that can increase your good cholesterol and protect your arteries.

Studies are examining polyphenols which are thought to help keep your blood vessels in good shape. However, there is one polyphenol called resveratrol that has gotten extra attention. Studies believe that it is the antioxidant in wine responsible for keeping your arteries healthy.

The resveratrol is found in the skin of the grapes. Red wine is said to be healthier than white, because the fermentation process for red wine is longer than that of white wine.

The benefits though to come from the resveratrol are:

  • Increases your good cholesterol. Your high-density cholesterol (HDL) helps to keep your blood vessels healthy.
  • Keeps arteries healthy by fighting the bad cholesterol. Low-density cholesterol (LDL) builds up in your arteries against the arterial wall and can eventually lead to a heart attack.
  • Lowers your risk for blood clots.
  • Effects your blood pressure.

The same antioxidant is also found in peanuts, blueberries, and cranberries, however research has not yet concluded how eating these foods stacks up to drinking red wines. Research also hasn’t reached a consensus when it comes to alcohol consumption. While some think it helps health, others disagree.

It’s important to remember to always drink in moderation. Too much alcohol consumption has negative health effects. The Center for Disease Control recommends that women drink no more than one drink per day and men drink no more than two drinks per day.

Enjoy your wine responsibly. If you would like to know which local wineries in Ventura County, California offer the best tastings, contact Ventura County Winery Association today!

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