A Quick Look At The Wine Grape Growing Process

Wine Grape Growing Process Ventura County CA

Take an inside look at how wine grapes are grown!

The business of making wine is not an easy process. You must harvest the fruit, crush the fruit, put the grapes through a fermentation process and then age the wine. But, before any of that can happen, you must grow the grapes. Growing the crop isn’t as easy as you may think. It’s a complex process that requires lots of time and energy. Check out how wine grapes are grown with this grape growing guide.


Pruning is an important part of the grape growing process. Every winter pruning is needed to control the growth of the grapes. Experts come in and use very precise methods to maintain the crops.

Buds & Flowers.

As the seasons change, the grapes begin to bud and then flower. Very tiny flowers sprout along the vines and are responsible for bearing fruit. Each flower is capable of producing a single grape. This is the most stressful part of the grape growing process as the grapes have not yet formed and colder weather threatens the survival of the crop. Careful measures are taken to prevent the crop from dying.

Fruit Bearing.

Fruit eventually forms! But, you’re not out of the woods just yet. Until the grapes are ready to be harvested, frost is still a concern.

Crop Management & Thinning.

As the grapes reach their optimal growing threshold, there is some work to do before harvesting occurs. Maintaining the canopy requires leaf removal, shoot thinning and positioning, and crop thinning. Along with the good comes the bad. There is often fruit that is not yet ripe and isn’t of use to the wine making process. Those bunches are cut loose to keep the vines even.

Reap the rewards of the harvest and enjoy a delicious bottle of wine. Be sure to check out your local wineries in Ventura County, California. They offer the best tastings in the area. Contact Ventura County Winery Association today!

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