Check Out These Eco-Friendly Wineries For Sustainable Wines

Eco-Friendly Wineries For Sustainable Wines

Eco-friendly wineries for your Earth Day festivities!

In honor of Earth Day, we have a listing of the top eco-friendly wineries in the country. Check out these wineries and see what makes them our top picks for the most eco-friendly wineries.

Alma Rosa

This California winery makes certified organic wines. Originally built using environmentally-friendly building standards, this winery has continued to implement green business practices. They are big advocates of water conservation and they use a standard bottle mold that helps to keep waste to a minimum.

Frog’s Leap Winery  

This winery is unique in that it uses dry farming, meaning they use moisture in the soil during the dry season, to produce their wines. Their water conservation efforts paired with their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) winery and solar energy use makes them one of the greenest wineries around.

Grgich Hills

This estate houses a sustainable winery. With their use of solar energy, natural corks, and organic farming, this winery is eco-friendly.

Cakebread Cellars

This winery makes use of old bottles to produce new wines. Not only are their vineyards certified organic, but these winemakers bottle their wine in bottles made of recycled glass. There’s no need to use brand new glass! Recycled glass will do the trick all while reducing the amount of waste sitting in landfills.

Kendall Jackson

As one of the largest wine makers in the country, this winery uses the latest and greatest in environmental sustainability. They’re a trifecta of green practices. They use solar energy, practice water conservation, and recycle as much as they can through their vineyard inputs.

Drinking local wines helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Be sure to check out your local wineries in Ventura County, California. They offer the best tastings in the area. Contact Ventura County Winery Association today!

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