Greet The New Season With A Summer Wine Party!

Tips for Throwing a Summer Wine PartyHosting A Summer Wine Party 101

There is no better way to welcome summer with open arms than to enjoy wine parties with your friends and family. If you will be hosting a summer wine party to celebrate the arrival of the most enjoyable season of the year with the ones you love most, we hope these helpful tips for summer parties help.

Tips For Throwing A Summer Wine Party:

  • When it comes to picking the fixings for your summer wine party, try to pick seasonal ingredients as these fresh finds will best compliment the wine. Try picking fresh ingredients to make a refreshing summer salad with ingredients such as citrus dressings, strawberries, leafy greens, fresh herbs, and succulent tomatoes.
  • Fresh seasonal summer dishes are best complimented with acidic wines that are full of citrus flavors. Sparkling acidic wines also compliment these seasonal finds perfectly. Try pairing your dishes with Rose, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, and Riesling.
  • A summer wine party cannot be complete without cheese. Make a cheese pairing plate with aged goat cheese, Manchego, creamy raw cow’s milk cheese, and similar finds to best compliment the acidic wines you will be serving.
  • A great way to spice up your summer wine party is to ask each guest to bring their favorite wine that reminds them of their favorite vacation destination. That way, when each bottle is opened the guest can have their moment in the spotlight as they explain their favorite vacation memories and why this particular wine brings them back to their favorite place.

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