Unique Ideas for Wine Tasting Parties

Unique Ideas for Wine Tasting PartiesWine tasting parties have long-since been a crowd favorite amongst attendees! Most tasting rooms offer a lovely and relaxed environment, perfect for enjoying time with your friends or family. If you have anything that needs celebrating in the near future, why not plan a wine party at one of our amazing featured wineries!

No party is complete without a theme. Here are a few ideas to get your party-planning juices flowing!

  • Select wines that all come from the same region. A few examples are Tuscany, Napa, Burgundy, Chianti, Columbia Valley, Nemea, or Santorini.
  • Pick a single variety of wine, and pick up bottles from local wineries. This is a great way to compare, and find your favorite.
  • Have your guests make a bet on which of the 2 different regions will be the crowd favorite. For example, purchase a few bottles of California wine, and pair it with French wine. Next, blind all of the wines, and have each guest record their favorite. For added fun, see if they are able to guess which bottle hailed from California, and which hailed from France. Purchase a small prize for the guest that is able to guess the most correctly.
  • Pick up a few blocks of cheeses that will pair nicely with your wines for a wine and cheese party!
  • Choose only wine bottles that have outrageous labels. Next, have your guests taste each wine, and see if they are able to guess which crazy label it came from!
  • Pick up a few different kinds of chocolate, and have a chocolate and wine pairing tasting party!

Now that you have a few party ideas in mind, you will need to find the perfect location! To schedule a group tasting at one of our awesome featured wineries, please contact theĀ Ventura County Winery Association.

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