Wine Aroma vs. Wine Bouquet, Do You Know The Difference?

Wine Aroma vs. Wine Bouquet Ventura County CA

Wine aromas and bouquets are more complex than you think!

A wine’s aroma, a wine’s bouquet, they both refer to the way a wine smells. They’re just synonyms, right? Not necessarily. There is a difference between a wine’s aroma and a wine’s bouquet. While they both have to do with the way a wine smells, they come from different stages of a wine’s development process. There are three stages of a wine’s aroma. The first two apply to the aroma, the last refers to the wine’s bouquet. Be sure to check out these main differences between an aroma and a bouquet.


The first, or primary, aroma is called a varietal aroma that comes from the type of grapes used to make the wine, while the secondary aroma is called the vinous aroma. The secondary aromas are developed during the fermentation process. You’re more likely to find these in a younger wine.


A bouquet is the tertiary aroma. It is the smell developed after the fermentation process. The bouquet develops as the wine ages within the bottle. The chemical compounds in the wine called aldehydes and esters are developed and matured while in the bottle through the process of oxidation. This bouquet takes time to develop and as time progresses the bouquet becomes more complex. A wine’s full bouquet comes from layer upon layer of aroma. Not only does age play a role in the bouquet, but the aromas from the first and second stages. You’re more likely to find a bouquet in an older, or vintage wine.

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